Events Management

Ble is the administrative office of:

  • ACOTO – Association of Orthopedist, Traumatologists, and Hospital Staff
  • AIFO – International Association Holistic Training
  • SCR ITALY – Stem Cell Research
  • SICUT – Italian Society of Emergency and Trauma Surgery
  • SIDE – Italian Society of Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology
  • SIMET – Italian Society of National Medicine
  • SIMIT – Italian SOciety of Infectious and Tropical Diseas
  • Planning, promotion and management of medical events from A to Z
  • Contact with speakers to receive resumès, abstracts and all necessary statements of accreditation
  • Research and contact of sponsors
  • Accreditation of events with the Ministry of Health
  • Practical asministration of credit acquisition
  • Electronic data collection on attenance
  • Practical management of AIFA for multi-sponsor events
  • Management of event closure
  • Hostesses, stewards and tour leaders selected ad-hoc